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Anta Horizontal Drilling


For general inquiries

Fill in the form below and a consultant will be in touch as soon as possible. If you have an emergency and need high pressure water jet drain cleaning in a hurry, call us on 416-239-3255 immediately. We will rush to your location and provide a free estimate before continuing with the work, ensuring no nasty surprises on your bill. Unfortunately, we can't vouch for the evils that lurk in your drains, but we will get rid of them in no time, and with time-consuming and landscape destroying excavation.

Get in touch with Anta Directional Drilling now.

With more than 25 years of experience in the directional drilling industry, our team consists of the industry's leading drillers and support staff. We will ensure that your service is completed to your satisfaction. We aim to deliver our services in the shortest amount of time without compromising on quality and safety.

Would you like to discuss a project with us? Our friendly office staff is standing by to take your inquiries and to dispatch a team to deal with your emergency or to inspect and provide a free estimate. We're the largest directional drilling company in the Greater Toronto Area, and chances are we already have a team near your location at any given time. That's why we are able to attend to most emergencies in about 20-30 minutes.

When you feel that your issues need professional inspection, we will be glad to send our quick response team right away. You can get a free estimate over the phone or we can email it to you. You’ll know the cost of service even before we do the job. This will help eliminate financial issues on your part. Rest assured we will offer you our high quality service at an affordable rate.

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