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North York Directional Drilling Services | Anta Horizontal Drilling

North York Directional Drilling Services

Residential, commercial and industrial horizontal drilling by Anta DD

Anta Directional Drilling offers a variety of trenchless sewer installations and repairs across Ontario. Trenchless methods for pipe repair and installation are cost-effective and does not disrupt the surface as much as traditional excavation methods do.

Applications for North York Trenchless Services

Many older plumbing and conduit installations still use clay pipes, which are easily damaged by roots. Clay pipes are installed in sections, using multiple joints, which attract tree and plant roots to the nutrition and water in the sewers. The porous surface of the clay becomes brittle and when small cracks form, the roots push it apart and infiltrate the pipes.

Clay pipes also break when there are subtle shifts or when settling occurs. For that reason, most expert plumbers recommend that clay pipes be replaced with cured-in-place piping after a maximum of 20 years.

Anta Directional Drilling offers cured-in-place pipe solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. This method reduces the costs and disruption associated with traditional excavation-based pipe repairs. Other benefits include:

  • no tearing up your yard to dig lengthy trenches.
  • no damage to driveways, hardscaping, landscaping, which makes trenchless directional drilling the perfect solution for use in gardens, golf courses, parking lots, sports stadiums and under water bodies.
  • no need to redirect traffic or close roadways, because the construction takes place underground.
  • less time spent on site results in cost savings
  • cost savings on repairs, since landscaping, roadways and hardscaping will not need to be repaired.
  • fewer delays caused by inclement weather.
  • reduced impact on businesses and residents around the construction site.

North York Directional Drilling: CIPP Pipe Installation

How does Anta Directional Drilling install new pipes without digging up lengthy trenches?

Trenchless technology is not a new concept, but not all homeowners and business are aware of it as yet. Anta Directional Drilling has been a pioneer in CIPP pipe installation for 25+ years. We use two specific methods - pipe bursting and pipe lining - to install pipes using trenchless technology. It usually involves digging a single, small access hole.

CIPP - Cured in place piping, also known as pipe lining is done by pulling or blowing a flexible tube coated in resin into the damaged pipe. Once in place, it is inflated, and the hardened resin creates a jointless, corrosion resistant pipe within a pipe. Although pipe lining will marginally reduce the diameter of your lateral pipe, it will not affect the removal of waste from your home.

Pipe Bursting - If your lateral pipe has collapsed or has joints, pipe bursting can be done, provided there is room for a cable to be dragged through the old pipe. A new pipe will be dragged through the damaged pipe. The old pipe will be fractured outward while the new pipe is pulled through. This method usually involves an access hole and an exit hole.

Costs of North York Directional Drilling Services

While the upfront costs of directional drilling can be up to 50% more than conventional excavation, you will save significantly more on additional restoration work to your landscape or hardscape.

Contact Anta Directional Drilling in North York on 416-239-3255 or write us on [email protected] for any trenchless pipe repairs or directional drilling in North York, Brantford, Woodbridge, Ottawa or elsewhere in Ontario.

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