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Directional Drilling & Horizontal Services | Serving Ontario | Anta Horizontal Drilling



With 25+ years of experience in directional drilling in the Ontario region, we are the experts you can trust. We provide an extensive range of safe and competent commercial drilling services to the commercial and governmental sectors, delivering exploration drilling, diamond drilling, geotech drilling, limited access drilling, direct push drilling, and water bore drilling all year round. Rely on Anta Directional Drilling for all your commercial horizontal drilling projects.


Our drilling and excavation services are based on years of experience in different soil conditions, ranging from gravel to loam, sand, silt and clay. Excavation is crucial to almost all construction projects to site drainage and trenching. Anta Directional Drilling will help locate, identify and mark all hidden utility lines before drilling. We service homeowners and property developers alike, ensuring the best quality workmanship for your new building or retrofit repiping project. Our residential directional drilling services are aimed at providing innovative solutions to common challenges. Learn more…

Sewer Cleaning

Directional drilling is fast becoming the go-to method for reduced water flow and blocked drains. Anta Directional Drilling offers a new and innovative drain cleaning solution that will not only unclog your system, but also flush out any debris without posing any risks to your system. We combine a low impact slurry suction with high pressure water jetting to deliver safe and efficient sewer cleaning services. Directional drilling is a fast and effective alternative to traditional residential and commercial sewer cleaning methods.


The specialist Anta Directional Drilling team has extensive experience in infrastructure design, specifically poured-in-place manholes. Direct drilling is fast becoming the prefered method for installing and repairing manholes in new builds and rebuilds requiring manholes for conduit structures used for telecommunications, internet and natural gas supply infrastructures.Directional drilling can also be used to lay conduit networks for water, gas and electricity.

Storm Water

Anta Directional Drilling has been integral in assisting government bodies, water treatment plants, commercial clients and homeowners in the construction of wells, service roads, and pipelines. Direct drilling is a minimal impact option when excavation and trenching is not practical. A main benefit of directional drilling is that it minimizes environmental disruption. Pipes can be installed at the same time, thus saving time and ultimately investment. Directional drilling is a proven method for installing stormwater drains to flat grades and unmatched depths.

Parking Lot & Roadways

Anta Directional Drilling offers a trenchless and excavation free solution to install utilities and conduits underneath parking lots, driveways, roads, railroads and other structures. We have assisted various telecommunications companies, natural gas suppliers, and municipalities in creating and providing access to underground tunnels and conduits in which to install their pipelines. Let us help you create innovative solutions for the people of Ontario.

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