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Toronto Directional & Horizontal Drilling | 416-239-3255 | Anta Horizontal Drilling

Toronto West HDD Service – Anta Directional Drilling

Premier trenchless construction and engineering company

Anta Directional Drilling in Toronto West is your premier trenchless engineering and construction service provider, with vast experience spanning 25+ years.

Our dedicated team of highly trained, certified, bonded and experienced engineers have access to state-of-the-art drilling rigs and equipment to deliver high quality, accurate and effective microtunneling and horizontal directional drilling services.

Trenchless technology is used to install underground conduits and pipes and is facilitated by means of horizontal directional drilling in Toronto West. The team will drill a small pilot hole in the surface, leaving the rest of the surface along the length of the pipe undisturbed.

When excavation or trenching is impractical, we recommend directional drilling. It is an effective solution for crossing underneath rural and urban environments, embankments, vegetation, trees, creeks, roads, driveways, buildings and rail lines. It can be performed in a myriad ground conditions.

Anta Directional Drilling in Toronto West

Supported by an unrivalled fleet of horizontal directional drilling rigs, we have a 100% success rate in providing high quality HDD services in Toronto West.

As a trusted thrust boring expert, no job is too big or too small for Anta Directional Drilling. We have worked with homeowners, businesses, municipalities and public works departments in installing and repairing:

  • power cables
  • communication ducts
  • water pipes
  • PVC ducts
  • and more.

Toronto West Directional Drilling Plumbing Solutions

Anta Directional Drilling aims to provide custom, innovative solutions to your specific problems. Our trenchless technology enables us to perform a vast range of underground installations, repairs and maintenance to buried plumbing systems without damaging the landscaping or hardscaping above the ground.

Trenchless pipe installations, maintenance and repair means:

No More Mess - There won't be piles of dirt scattered all over your lawn.

Quick Solution - Trenchless repairs take much quicker, as there is no digging, no dewatering and no need to fill in the trenches afterward.

No Dewatering - Dewatering can take a lot of time, but with trenchless technology, we go underneath the water table to save you time and money.

No Road Closures - Underground construction means that the entire project has a significantly smaller footprint. We can install pipes underneath roads without requiring closures.

Trenchless technology is the perfect solution to many plumbing issues, including blocked drains, new pipe installations and complete pipe system replacements.

Hydro Jetting: If your drains are blocked, we will insert a cutting attachment to chop obstructions into small bits. We will then insert high power water jets into the sewer, blasting the insights of the pipes squeaky clean from the inside.

Cured-in-Place Piping: Pipes deteriorate over time, but CIPP allows us to quickly and efficiently repair or replace your old pipes without digging up your entire property. Pipes will be left stronger than before.

Pipe Ramming: We can also replace your old pipes by ramming or pulling new pipes through the drilled conduit. Choose from steel, ductile iron, HDPE or PVC.

The main benefit of horizontal directional drilling in Toronto West is that it is a practical solution in places where traditional excavation is impractical.

Get in touch with Anta today to discuss your Toronto West directional drilling requirements by calling Contact us: 416-239-3255 or writing to [email protected].

We are experts in the field of all your residential and commercial plumbing needs, including such as waterproofing, basement pinning, pipe inspection, and mold prevention, and leak detection.

Licensed professionals & High quality service

Our licensed professionals are fully licensed and qualified to ensure that you get your money’s worth. We strive to ensure the best possible service with a high level of assurance that our workmanship will deliver long-lasting satisfaction.

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