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Hamilton Horizontal Directional Drilling | Directional Boring in Hamilton | Anta Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling in Hamilton

Anta Directional Drilling - Ontario's leading directional drilling company, now serving Hamilton

Anta now offers precision horizontal directional drilling services in Hamilton and surrounds. Our technical team follows industry leading best practices to complete the most complex directional drilling projects with utmost skill.

Environmental concerns and constantly changing quality and safety standards present a variety of concerns for service providers who need to install and maintain conduits, cables and pipelines.However, Anta Directional Drilling has a team of highly experienced project managers, logistics and field personnel, in-house engineers and steering technicians to provide reliable and efficient drilling services. Our expertise is highly regarded among our clientele, which includes residential, commercial and industrial clients, as well as natural gas providers, electricity suppliers, municipalities and cable and telecoms companies.

Whether you need help installing pipe sleeves or conduits to deliver products or utilities to end consumers, or a new plumbing system with brand new piping for your home, we have you covered.

Hamilton HDD Services Will Benefit You

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is the perfect solution when you need to install underground utilities in order to avoid natural or man made structures such as roads, parking lots, railway lines, water bodies or similar obstacles. Anta Directional Drilling in Hamilton can drill underneath obstacles, thus decreasing surface disruptions. By avoiding above-ground construction damage, you will save money on unnecessary repairs, which would be unavoidable with traditional trench digging.

Horizontal directional drilling results in lower noise levels and less pollution. It also saves time, because:

  • Our HDD service is not influenced by adverse weather conditions.
  • Horizontal directional drilling is much quicker and less labor intensive than trench digging.
  • Above-ground construction rehabilitation is not required, which means that there is minimal intrusion and damage to your property.
  • Water does not need to be pumped out of trenches, as is the case with traditional trench digging.

No Project Too Big or Too Small for Hamilton Directional Drilling Company, Anta HDD

Anta Directional Drilling has the tools, equipment and experts to handle any residential, commercial or industrial HDD project. Our experience in working with public works departments and clients across Hamilton and all of Ontario illustrates our diverse expertise and commitment to exceptional customer service.

Our certified equipment managers operate our extensive fleet of horizontal directional drilling rigs and support equipment, and complete projects with a wide scope of sizes, with continuous lengths of well over 11,000 feet and diameters of up to approximately 60 inches wide.

The Anta Directional Drilling team constantly strives to improve their drilling techniques and to expand beyond our current trenchless technology offering. We are determined to remain your leading Hamilton directional drilling company of choice.

Contact Anta Directional Drilling on Contact us: 416-239-3255 or write us at [email protected] to discuss the specific of your project and how we can provide you with the best horizontal directional drilling service in Hamilton.

We are experts in the field of all your residential and commercial plumbing needs, including such as waterproofing, basement pinning, pipe inspection, and mold prevention, and leak detection.

Licensed professionals & High quality service

Our licensed professionals are fully licensed and qualified to ensure that you get your money’s worth. We strive to ensure the best possible service with a high level of assurance that our workmanship will deliver long-lasting satisfaction.

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