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London, Ontario Horizontal Directional Drilling | Boring Service in London, Ontario | Anta Horizontal Drilling

Anta Horizontal Directional Drilling Service in London, Ontario

Your number one option for professional HDD services

With over 25 years of horizontal directional drilling experience in London, Ontario and surrounds, Anta HDD has the equipment and expertise to meet your custom drilling needs. Our specialist HDD company provides superior turnkey solutions to routine residential or complex commercial challenges.

Introducing Anta / London, Ontario Directional Drilling

Anta HDD specializes in boring underground conduits and pipe sleeves for:

  • petroleum, oil and gas industries
  • telecommunications (satellite, fiber optic, TV, cable, telephone, wi-fi, and security)
  • steam ducts
  • plumbing (water, drainage and irrigation)
  • and many other purposes.

Our specialist horizontal directional drilling contractors excavate openings beneath driveways, roadways,waterways, railways, parking and other structures to provide a passage for various types of conduits, sized to your needs.

Using cutting-edge technology and routinely maintained equipment, our London, Ontario horizontal directional drilling experts instal conduits, steel, PVC or HDPE pipes and cables underneath various surfaces, including concrete slabs or walkways, roadways and water bodies, to name a few. Our high-tech drilling equipment enable us to provide our drilling services all year round on terrain ranging from sand to clay, rock and even dirt.

Residential and Commercial Horizontal Directional Drilling in London, Ontario

Anta HDD employs experienced drilling crews who will install your new underground pipelines without disrupting the surface above. Our project teams will create only a small pilot hole at your line's starting point. They will then ream the pilot hole to a suitable diameter before pulling the appropriate pipe product into the completed bore.

Many municipalities and other providers require that their pipelines be drilled or tunneled with an auger or jack. Horizontal directional drilling offers many benefits compared to traditional trenching. Most often, directional drilling is the more cost-effective option when projects are costed on a per-foot basis. Horizontal directional drilling saves time and money,and it is also more environmentally friendly. HDD reduces the costs and associated disruption that is common with traditional trenching.

General directional drilling benefits include:

  • no need for trench digging
  • reduced environmental disruption and damage to the surface area
  • savings on excavation costs and surface damage repairs
  • savings on trenching costs and related accidents
  • reduced disruption to landscaping and traffic

Horizontal directional drilling is done underneath ongoing site operations and due to the fact that it involves no surface obstructions, underground piping and conduits can easily and conveniently be retrofitted without causing disruption to the above-ground operations.

Commercial and Residential Directional Drilling Services London, Ontario

Anta HDD's team of London, Ontario directional drilling technicians services both the residential, commercial and industrial sectors of the Greater Toronto Area. Commercial HDD applications include pipe sleeve and conduit installation, while our residential HDD services involve mainly plumbing supply line installation (retrofitted re-piping) as well as high-pressure sewer and drain cleaning using powerful water jets.

Call 416-239-3255 for emergency London, Ontario directional drilling assistance, or email Anta Directional Drilling at [email protected] to learn more about our services or to request a free estimate.

We are experts in the field of all your residential and commercial plumbing needs, including such as waterproofing, basement pinning, pipe inspection, and mold prevention, and leak detection.

Licensed professionals & High quality service

Our licensed professionals are fully licensed and qualified to ensure that you get your money’s worth. We strive to ensure the best possible service with a high level of assurance that our workmanship will deliver long-lasting satisfaction.

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