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Pickering Horizontal Directional Drilling Services | Anta Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

High quality trenchless pipe repairs,
remediations and installation of underground utilities

Anta Horizontal Directional Drilling provides effective trenching solutions for clients in Pickering, Ontario. Our technology ensures a smaller site footprint which delivers quality results without disturbing surface geology.

Anta Horizontal Directional Drilling

Anta Horizontal Directional Drilling is a specialist in trenchless technology with an impressive, proven track record for delivering high quality trenchless projects on time and within the agreed budget. Anta prides itself on delivering high quality, safe, timely, and innovative projects that exceed customer expectations.

Trenchless Technology and Horizontal Directional Drilling in Pickering

Anta HDD's experienced team consists of fully qualified, licensed, bonded and experienced individuals who consistently delivers a bouquet of both simple and complex directional drilling projects. The team is backed by top-of-the-range equipment which enables them to work efficiently even in confined spaces and in even in places where traditional manual excavation is not a viable option.

Leaky pipes and corrosion lead to mold, mildew, and pollution, and flooding which can cause damage to the surface and precious possessions in your home or business. Anta Horizontal Directional Drilling offers a variety of trenchless plumbing technologies that can help correct issues caused by inflow and root infiltration.

Anta HDD offers technologically advanced services which include:

  • Hydro jetting
  • Pipe bursting
  • Pipe and utility installation
  • Inversion
  • Point repair
  • Pull-in-place piping
  • Cured-in-place piping (CIPP)
  • Structural spin casting

Horizontal Directional Drilling in Pickering

The replacement of water mains can present a host of issues to all the stakeholders in urban areas, because it tends to involve surface damage, traffic congestion and road closures.

Horizontal directional drilling is not only a faster and more efficient method for pipe repair or installation than traditional trench excavation, but it also eliminates a number of the other challenges posed by trench digging.

  • Trench digging can cause traffic disruptions as well as road closures
  • Trench digging can cause damage to the environment
  • Trench digging is a lengthy process because workers have to set aside time for dewatering the trenches, and refilling it with soil afterwards
  • Trench digging requires more manpower
  • Horizontal directional drilling delivers a fast, cost-effective alternative to trenching, especially underneath urban landscaping, water bodies, roads, and other environments where excavation is not an option. The setup time for trenchless technology is relatively short. During the process, alignment can be adjusted to avoid underground obstacles and existing utilities. Horizontal directional drilling is more cost-effective than traditional open-cut pipe repairs or installations.

    Anta Horizontal Directional Drilling enables companies to install infrastructure beneath highways, railway tracks, roads, and golf courses without affecting the traffic load.

    We borrow techniques and technology from the oil drilling industry to provide a variety of horizontal directional drilling solutions over longer distances and custom diameters. Small diameter drilling is known as microtunnelling.

    Advantages of Pickering Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Reduces construction costs and project timelines.
  • Eliminates time-consuming and costly excavation and restoration.
  • Reduces the need for destruction of expensive landscaping.
  • Reduces the risk of damaging historic structures.
  • Reduces construction noise.
  • Reduces safety and environmental risks.
  • Reduces the footprint of the construction site with minimal staff and equipment.
  • Reduces the need for traffic redirection and road closure.
  • Reduces the long-term costs that are associated with typical soil settlement.
  • Enjoy the benefits of directional drilling services in Pickering by calling Anta today on 416-239-3255 or drop us an email at [email protected].

    We are experts in the field of all your residential and commercial plumbing needs, including such as waterproofing, basement pinning, pipe inspection, and mold prevention, and leak detection.

    Licensed professionals & High quality service

    Our licensed professionals are fully licensed and qualified to ensure that you get your money’s worth. We strive to ensure the best possible service with a high level of assurance that our workmanship will deliver long-lasting satisfaction.

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